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About Us

  Of knowledge you can pursue in the effort to grow and prosper in life, there is little which can pay the dividends of that which brings health, wellness and balance.

Everyone deserves to enjoy good health and have access to information that can be useful in his or her journey to get well and stay well.  Our goal is to empower and assist all people, whether or not a purchase is made from our site.  We endeavor to encourage everyone to educate and take action towards their own health and wellness. 

Middle-aged man & women sit in garden with toolsIn an effort to become healthy and well in our own lives, we became increasingly aware of fundamental ways in which the immune system is weakened and illness encroaches in the tiniest of steps.  On the path we discovered back to good health, we learned that the most effective fundamental day to day practice is to include dietary supplementation of digestive enzymes and beneficial microorganisms (probiotics).  These enzymes and microorganisms are ultimately foundational in long life and wellness.  The effectiveness of the best diet, the best habits and even the finest quality nutritional supplements is rendered nearly meaningless, if the food and nutrients you are consuming are not properly digested and absorbed, or the microbiome in your digestive system is composed of a colony of pathogens (yeast and fungus) whose metabolic by-products are toxic to your existence.

There is a constant presence of antibiotics and a variety of manufactured toxins with us now, as never before, that collectively work to upset the composition of these amazingly complex enzyme processes and the vital symbiote companion (our microbiome) that does so much for us.  The effort you make to eat well, rest and exercise, is eroded away a little at a time by putrifying foods and the relentless efforts of opportunistic invaders (candida).

The probiotic and enzyme supplements we offer here, are those we use daily in our own lives.  After a decade of searching and study involved in finding the roots of ill health, they represent the most effective, highest quality and best value for dollar spent that we could find.  We offer them to you in the hope that they bring for you, as they have for us, our family and friends, the return to wellness, disease resistance and balance.*

Knowledge is powerful!  We hope that you do not simply take our word regarding the benefits offered here.  Our mission, is encouraging you to take back your power regarding wellness and good health.  There are many distractions for our attentions in modern life, many without much substance.  As we begin to really understand the function of enzymes and our microbiome, with the astonishing complexity of their internal relationships, there are answers emerging to many questions regarding the causes of disease and ill health.  Please take time to learn more about this quiet revolution taking place in the biological sciences by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.  There, you will find answers to many of your questions about probiotics and enzymes.

Our Products are Manufactured and Bottled in the USA by Enzymology Research Center Inc. (ERC)

ERC engineers our products to produce peak performance at a cellular level, creating premium probiotic and enzyme supplements.  ERC utilizes only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade USA manufactured, cultured Japanese micro-flora and enzymes to produce superior results.  These products are formulated with the same powerful therapeutic dosages as those marketed through professional health practitioners.  

ERC, Inc. is:
    -a Certified Organic Facility
    -FDA inspected
    -Euro & Canadian Certified
    -GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) audited and compliant.  

ERC Inc. has exclusive manufacturing rights for all of our products.  ERC, Inc. has been a nutraceutical contract manufacturer since 1995, specializing in enzymes and related products.

ERC's founder and CEO Troy Aupperle, is one of the enzyme industry's leading research specialists and authority/educator on probiotics and enzymes.  He is also a professional mountaineer whose two decades of experience researching and assisting top athletes, is now available to bring you the most effective probiotic and enzyme supplements available. 

Troy completed his quest to climb the Seven Summits in less than four years, by successfully summitting Mt. Everest on May 22, 2009.