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Issue: Probiotics

Issue: Probiotics

Probiotic Bacteria address the symptoms of, Candida, Crohns, C difficile, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Acid Reflux/Gerd and most other digestive disorders.*

Multi-strain probiotic supplements restore intestinal stability and harmony to the digestive tract, not just with acidophilus, but with an army of diverse live cultures, providing a full spectrum of protection  that cleanse and rebalance your intestinal ecosystem.*  These friendly bacteria create an environment that strengthens your immune system by improving assimilation of nutrients, synthesizing "B" complex and "K" vitamins, removing toxins and warding off harmful pathogens.*  The addition of FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) which are refered to as Prebiotics, when included in probiotics, nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, but do not stimulate the growth of pathogens like candida.  Prebiotics also assist mineral absorption, improve bowel pH and cleanse the colon of debris.  Prebiotics are added to probiotics to encourage proliferation of the colonizing intestinal bacteria.       

  Assist in reversing the damage to your gastrointestinal tract and immune system with a steady stream of potent multi-strain probiotic bacteria.*

Probiotics initiate and sustain rebalancing of your biofilm, enable your digestive tract to heal, and your body to recover.*

What are Probiotics? A "probiotic" or "probiotics", are micro-organisms, specific bacteria, fungi and yeasts that are a natural, necessary, component of the digestive tract. They are beneficial to our body and an integral part of our immune system. These microorganisms form a living colony (a biofilm), that live within the lining of our digestive tract, in a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship with us. They work together, assisting with digestion, nutrient uptake and immune defense. This biofilm is destroyed by "antibiotics" and toxins, that are present in our environment. As a result, the beneficial symmetry of the digestive lining gets disrupted and disease processes begin in small increments, usually starting with symptoms like indigestion, gas, bloating and heartburn/acid reflux. Sometimes these preliminary warning signs are ignored or other symptoms such as depression, loss of energy, brain fog and food or other allergies appear. If an imbalance of the digestive flora persists, a galaxy of possible symptoms can manifest, and a progression of ailments can follow, as the immune system becomes compromised.

Because antibiotics and toxins are present in our food and environment, our friendly flora need to be replenished to maintain the health of our digestive tract. They are necessary for our bodies to maintain good health and for nutrient uptake. Probiotics are recommended for all gastrointestinal problems or complaints and are absolutely essential to your general health. In our experience, the greater the diversity of bacterial strains you take, the more robust and healthy your digestive tract and immune system will become.

A powerful Digestive Enzyme blend makes a great accompaniment to Probiotic Bacteria in assisting regeneration by helping to prevent foods from fermenting in the belly and upper intestines, reducing the toxic load on the body and providing improved nutrient bioavailability.*

 If you have Questions, a more extensive explanation about Probiotics and their use can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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Supplementing your meals with ERC’s potent digestive enzyme blend of 13 enzymes plus a probiotic mix and ionic minerals, supports the body’s ability to fully digest and utilize food and nutritional supplements.* They also assist in removing digestive remnants and waste products, leaving your pancreas and the other endocrine organs with the resources to produce the systemic enzymes needed for such things as tissue repair and toxin removal.*

There is growing evidence indicating digestive enzyme supplements, used alone or in combination with Probiotics, may reduce or eliminate gastrointestinal problems such as such as indigestion, bloating, gas, acid reflux/heartburn/gerd, diarrhea and stomach cramps.*  

 When taken with meals, this powerful combination of plant derived enzymes, boost your body's natural ability to break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates into the complex digestive elements that nourish us, facilitating efficient absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.*  ERC's Digestive Enzymes are biologically active and work across a broad PH range, allowing them to be utilized throughout the digestive tract.

Vegan Digestive Enzymes, Designed to Work With Your Body*

Digestive enzymes assist your body to fully break down your food and supplements, preventing partially digested proteins from passing through the intestinal wall into the blood stream and foods from fermenting in the belly/upper intestines.*  This reduces the toxic load on the body and makes nutrients more bioavailable.*  As a result you feel more energetic, your thinking becomes clearer, gastrointestinal problems  may be reduced or eliminated, and pain and swelling due to Gout or Arthritic conditions may be relieved.* 

Digestive malfunctions become more common as we age and our gastrointestinal system becomes less efficient. These digestive breakdowns are linked with many common health complaints, eczema, headache, heartburn, hiatial hernia, gastritis, ulcers, hemorrhoids, constipation, cavities, gum disease and food allergies/sensitivities.*

Our bodies are designed to function on raw enzyme-rich foods that assist the digestive process and use little of our body’s natural enzyme supply and energy. The average diet of mostly cooked fare, over time, depletes the body’s ability to produce enough enzymes to fully digest a meal. This results in partially digested fats and proteins being absorbed into the bloodstream creating Floating Immune Complexes (FIC). These FICs overwhelm the immune systems ability to dispose of them, so the body stores these health destroying toxins in bodily tissues. Toxins in the bloodstream cause inflammation, uric acid crystals in joints (Gout), allergic reactions, and may end up as arterial plaque.* Through time this continued toxic condition can create disease.  

For a complete list of ingredients and more information about our Digestive Enzymes, read the Supplement Facts/Ingredient List.

If you have Questions, a more extensive explanation about Enzymes and their use can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). page

ERC Systemic Enzyme with Nattokinase and Seaprose-S, break down the protein based bonds that make up the fibrous structures associated with the body's inflammatory processes.*  They are recommended for cardiovascular, respiratory and immunological support.*   Nattokinase is used in Japan to reduce the formation of blood clots and atherosclerotic (arterial) plaques and Seaprose-S, a natural antibacterial, is used to reduce all types of painful inflammation, mucus and congestion.*    This potent, plant based, protease blend, optimizes key metabolic pathways, targeting areas of disorder within  your body to cleanse, renew and energize, balancing and freeing the metabolism to spring with renewed vitality and strength.*  Acid resistant and working in a broad pH range, ERC's Systemic Enzymes are transported through  the digestive system intact and ready to act.

Enzymes are the energy and the engineers that speed detoxification, reduce inflammation, break up all types of congestion and repair tissues, whether the symptoms are caused by overexertion, injury or a diagnosed/undiagnosed condition.*  They are essential to the normal functioning of our nervous system, endocrine system (hormones/insulin), and circulatory system (blood/veins/heart).*

All metabolic processes in the body rely on enzymes for detoxification and energy production. Systemic enzymes are active in nutrient delivery, blood purification, neurotransmission, and support of the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems.

Because the modern human diet consists mostly of cooked, enzyme depleted food, our body’s ability to produce the quantity and kind of enzymes needed to keep us healthy and our immune systems functioning vigorously, is seriously compromised.  Systemic/Proteolytic enzymes are mobile in building, detoxification and energy production of the body, steadily working to repair tissue, reduce inflammation and all types of congestion.*  

Systemic enzyme therapy uses differing types of enzymes to adapt to the metabolic needs of the body.  Enzymes carry a vital energy factor that facilitates every chemical action and reaction in the body. This energy factor is an integral part of the living foods we eat. The more living (raw) foods we eat, the more of this vital energy factFork with Fresh Vegor is available to assist our body with digestion, detoxification, building, repair and energy production. (Which accounts for the new raw food movement that is sweeping the country.) 

Many of t
he foods we eat today are safer or more digestible to eat in cooked form; meat, eggs, beans and grains are some of these, and make up a large part of the diet of our population.  So much so, as to exclude living foods from many people’s diets. 

Also, antibiotics and toxins in our environment damage the intestinal flora that is integral to the health of our digestive tract, nutrient uptake and our immune system. (See the Probiotic Bacteria and FAQ pages for more information.) 

These combined factors form the conditions for insufficient enzyme production within the body, hampering our body’s ability to repair itself quickly and completely from any injury or illness that occur.

Systemic/Proteolytic enzymes assist your body with detoxification, repair, energy production, and break down the proteins of bacteria, viruses and systemic plaques that form in the body.* 

Supplementing your diet with Systemic Enzymes can assist with your body’s natural capacity to heal.* 

This product is an excellent addition to any training regimen!

We recommend starting with our Probiotic Bacteria, with it’s high quality, live mix of flora, and our powerful Digestive Enzyme blend. These fundamental health products help restore stability, balance, strength, and improved nutrient availability to assist healing.*

a complete list of ingredients and more information about our Systemic Enzymes,  read the Supplement Facts/Ingredient List. 

If you have Questions, a more extensive explanation about Enzymes and their use can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)page.

Systemic enzymes should be taken up to two hours before or two hours after a meal to allow the enzymes to pass through the digestive tract and into the bloodstream unimpeded.