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ERC Digestive EnzymeERC Digestive Enzyme

Effective Digestive Support*

Supplementing your meals with ERC’s potent digestive enzyme blend of 13 enzymes plus EnzymEnergizedTm Probiotic/Enzyme and Mineral Blendssupports the body’s ability to fully digest and utilize food and nutritional supplements, making nutrients more bioavailable.*   

ERC Probiotic BacteriaERC Probiotic Bacteria

Integral to Gastrointestinal and Immune System Health*

ERC's multi-strain probiotics comprise an army of 14 diverse live cultures, providing a full spectrum of protection with over 22.4 billion CFUs plus FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides) and EnzymEnergizedTm Probiotic, Enzyme and Mineral Blends.*

Assist the gastrointestinal tract and immune system with a steady stream of quality ERC Probiotic Bacteria.*  Initiate and sustain rebalancing of your microbiome.*

ERC Systemic EnzymeERC Systemic Enzyme

Support for Immunilogical, Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health*

Designed to accelerate and support recuperation and recovery with Nattokinase,  Seaprose-S, combined with EnzymEnergizedTm Probiotic/Enzyme and Mineral Blends which enhance the Systemic Enzymes theraputic effect.*