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Probiotics Restore Health and HarmonyWhat are Probiotics? A "probiotic" or "probiotics", are micro-organisms, specific bacteria, fungi and yeasts that are a natural, necessary, component of the digestive tract. They are beneficial to our body and an integral part of our immune system. These microorganisms form a living colony (a microbiome), that live within the lining of our digestive tract, in a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship with us. They work together, assisting with digestion, nutrient uptake and immune defense. This microbiome is destroyed by "antibiotics" and toxins, that are present in our environment. As a result, the beneficial symmetry of the digestive lining gets disrupted and disease processes begin in small increments, usually starting with symptoms like indigestion, gas, bloating and heartburn/acid reflux. Sometimes these preliminary warning signs are ignored or other symptoms such as depression, loss of energy, brain fog and food or other allergies appear. If an imbalance of the digestive flora persists, a galaxy of possible symptoms can manifest, and a progression of ailments can follow, as the immune system becomes compromised.

Because antibiotics and toxins are present in our food and environment, our friendly flora need to be replenished to maintain the health of our digestive tract. They are necessary for our bodies to maintain good health and for nutrient uptake. Probiotics are recommended for all gastrointestinal problems or complaints and are absolutely essential to your general health. In our experience, the greater the diversity of bacterial strains you take, the more robust and healthy your digestive tract and immune system will become.

A powerful Digestive Enzyme blend makes a great accompaniment to Probiotic Bacteria in assisting regeneration by helping to prevent foods from fermenting in the belly and upper intestines, reducing the toxic load on the body and providing improved nutrient bioavailability.*

If you have Questions, a more extensive explanation about Probiotics and their use can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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