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Systemic EnzymeThe biological sciences have revealed the role of systemic enzymes in assisting your body’s natural capacity to heal.*

Specific enzymes such as Nattokinase and Seaprose-S can break down the protein based bonds that make up the fibrous structures associated with the body's inflammatory processes.*  They are recommended for cardiovascular, respiratory and immunological support.*   Nattokinase is used in Japan to reduce the formation of blood clots and atherosclerotic (arterial) plaques and Seaprose-S, a natural antibacterial, is used to reduce all types of painful inflammatory symptoms, mucus and congestion.*   

Systemic enzymes optimize key metabolic pathways, targeting areas of disorder within  your body to cleanse, renew and energize, balancing and freeing the metabolism to spring with renewed vitality and strength.*  Acid resistant and working in a broad pH range, systemic enzymes are transported through  the digestive system intact and ready to act.*

Enzymes are the energy and the engineers that speed detoxification, reduce inflammatory symptoms, break up all types of congestion and repair tissues, whether the symptoms are caused by overexertion, injury or a diagnosed/undiagnosed condition.*  They are essential to the normal functioning of our nervous system, endocrine system (hormones/insulin), and circulatory system (blood/veins/heart).*

All metabolic processes in the body rely on enzymes for detoxification and energy production. Systemic enzymes are active in nutrient delivery, blood purification, neurotransmission, and support of the nervous, endocrine and circulatory systems.*

Because the modern human diet consists mostly of cooked, enzyme depleted food, our body’s ability to produce the quantity and kind of enzymes needed to keep us healthy and our immune systems functioning vigorously, is seriously compromised.* Systemic/Proteolytic enzymes are mobile in building, detoxification and energy production of the body, steadily working to repair tissue, reduce inflammatory processes and all types of congestion.*  

Systemic enzyme therapy uses differing types of enzymes to adapt to the metabolic needs of the body.*  Enzymes carry a vital energy factor that facilitates every chemical action and reaction in the body.* This energy factor is an integral part of the living foods we eat.* The more living (raw) foods we eat, the more of this vital energy factor is available to assist our body with digestion, detoxification, building, repair and energy production.*  (Which accounts for the new raw food movement that is sweeping the country.) 

Fork with Fresh VegMany of t
he foods we eat today are safer or more digestible to eat in cooked form; meat, eggs, beans and grains are some of these, and make up a large part of the diet of our population.  So much so, as to exclude living foods from many people’s diets. 

Also, antibiotics and toxins in our environment damage the intestinal flora that is integral to the health of our digestive tract, nutrient uptake and our immune system.* (See the Probiotic Bacteria and FAQ pages for more information.) 
These combined factors form the conditions for insufficient enzyme production within the body, hampering our body’s ability to repair itself quickly and completely from any injury or illness that occur.*

Systemic/Proteolytic enzymes assist your body with detoxification, repair, energy production, and break down the proteins of bacteria, viruses and systemic plaques that form in the body.*  

Systemic Enzymes are an excellent addition to any training regimen!


If you have Questions, a more extensive explanation about Probiotics and their use can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

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